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inji Software proves to be the best CRM among all the CRM Solutions available in the market, which applies to all kinds of industries and all kinds of business, helping you automate and grow seamlessly.

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Best CRM Software Features

Simple Accounting Software

Manage Profits. Customer and Supplier Payments, Expenses, Revenue, Receivable vs Payable Reports and more with this CRM SaaS.

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Delivery Management Software

Track delivery of each and every product till the doorstep of the customer, so that you can provide the best experience to your customers. 

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Salesforce Automations in Mobile CRM

Leads creation, follow up, payment reminder, tracking delivery, task creation & allocation is automated with the mobile CRM application

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Top CRM Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing is automated and taken care of by the best CRM marketing, effortlessly and seamlessly.

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Client Management System

Create and store contact details like email address and contact numbers along with other information in the CRM database. 

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HR Management System

Take good care of your most important asset, your employees, with the help of top CRM software for HR management. 

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CRM App for Quotations

Create professional quotations and customize them according to the requirement of your company with the best CRM tool.

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CRM Tools for Task Management

Create and assign tasks to your employees, track the progress of the task and get notification for important task completion. 

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Analytical CRM Reports

Get detailed analytical CRM reports of all the functions of your business to make well informed, data driven decisions.

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What is the Top CRM Software for your business?

CRM Software is important for every business, we all know that. There are hundreds of CRM Solutions available in the market. They all have various features to offer. Those are exciting features. But how do you decide which CRM SaaS best fits your requirements? Is it worth investing in a particular CRM SaaS? How do you decide that the features offered by the CRM Software will be useful to you?

Well, this article will help you get the perspective. Mentioned below are the must-have features for the Best CRM Software.

1. Cloud CRM is one of the Top CRM Tools

Whatever kind of business you are in and whatever the size of the business is, you wouldn’t want to be stuck to the workstation if you want to access any kind of data. You would want all your data on your fingertips when you are on the go. Cloud CRM Solutions make them possible for you. It does not take months to be integrated and implemented into your business. All you need to do is just log in to your account, and you are good to go. It gives you the flexibility of the movement. You can access your data on mobile CRM application, anytime and anywhere. You also do not need to have an elaborate IT infrastructure for this, nor do you need storage devices or servers. All your data is safe and secure on the vendor’s server. 

2. Manage Customer Relationships with Top CRM Tools

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) lies at the core of any CRM platform. A top CRM system makes sure that not only do you build and grow great relationships with your customers, but also provide them with the best customer service. 

Today’s customers cannot only be retained with high-quality products and best prices, they need top-notch customer experience. Your CRM tools should help you to provide your customers with the experience that they are looking for. It should be able to help you maintain seamless communication with the customers, save all kinds of information regarding the customers, like the contact details, the history of your conversation with them, their past orders, etc. Most importantly, your CRM app should be able to help you register the customers’ feedback. This way you can understand the pain points and improve upon them. 

3. Top CRM Tools for generating leads

Generating and pursuing leads is the most important process of a business. But it also is the most difficult and tiring one as well. Generating leads is the most important benefit of CRM. Your CRM Software should be able to help you with lead generation, lead follow up, and also lead management. It should capture leads from all the sources, like your website, your landing pages, and social media handles. It should make sure that these captured leads are converted into customers, and there is no lead leakage. 

3. Automation with Top CRM Tools

The entire purpose of incorporating a CRM Platform into your business is to automate your redundant processes and day to day activities, in order to save your time which can then be dedicated to more crucial activities, reduce the operational cost and ultimately increase the sales revenue. It also helps in standardizing the workflows and streamlining processes associated with sales, marketing, and customer support to yield the best result. 

4. Future Proof Top CRM Tools

Whether you are a small business planning for an expansion or an ever-growing and well-established business, you should always go for a CRM tool that will not only cover you for today but also is relevant to your business needs in case you plan to expand. It should not only contain limited features but should contain features that you might need tomorrow. 

5. Demonstrations and Cost of Top CRM Tools

The Best CRM Software should not be the one with the highest cost. It’s not necessary that you need to pay high to get the best CRM service. The software shouldn’t be too costly. It should fit into your budget. 

Also, some of the best CRM solutions in the market offer a free demonstration so that you can experience the CRM functionality before you implement it in your business. 

inji Software qualifies as the best CRM in the market as it provides the best in class CRM features along with being the most affordable one. It also offers you a free demonstration before you implement it in your business.

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