Best CRM Software Reviews

Customer relationships are important for growing business. An ever-growing business means an ever-growing customer base and a greater deal of retaining those customers. In your growing business, it is important that your CRM software accommodates your growing needs. Not only should it be able to accommodate your growing number of customers, but it is also important that it should have the feature that you might need in case you expand your business. 

We went through quite a few CRM Solutions available in the market and shortlisted these 5 CRM Software that will prove to be useful even if you decide to expand.


1. Top CRM Reviews for inji Software

 inji Software is a CRM Platform that has the best CRM features spanning across all the departments, so it becomes easy for you to integrate just 1 CRM into your business to seamlessly streamline all the processes. Here are a few features that will help you even if you decide to expand your business. 


i) It is easily the best lead management software for small to medium businesses and can be used for large businesses too. It captures the leads directly from your website, the social media landing page, and from the ad landing page. This greatly reduces your manual efforts in generating leads. You can also add the leads captured from any other sources to the same list. You can search any of the leads manually from this list. 

ii) It provides simple accounting software that helps you track all your payments, and gives you reminders for pending receivables and payables. It also helps you with the reports of your expenses and revenues, thus helping you make well-informed decisions. 

iii)  inji Software proves to be the best invoice software for your invoice creating needs. It helps you create the best invoices just in a few clicks. It offers 100+ templates to choose from as per the needs of your business. It also allows the customization of the invoice to suit the requirements of your business.

iv) inji Software creates automated CRM reports of all your activities, which helps you get a clear picture of the progress of various activities in your business, and the overall revenues and profits. The reports can also be generated for the performance of the employees which can be set as per your metrics. These reports can be integrated with your dashboard, which is totally customizable as per your requirements.

v) Product/ Service Delivery Management is also one of the features of inji Software that makes it better from the rest. It helps you to schedule delivery and also sends you a notification for overdue and pending delivery. It also generates graphical CRM reports of all the deliveries for your review. 

vi) Human resource management is also a crucial task of any business, and inji Software makes sure that you do not have to employ any other software to do this bidding for you. It will help you manage everything, right from recruitment and salary management, document generation, attendance and leave management, so basically, it is a one-stop software for all your HR needs. 

vii) Receive notifications for all the important things with the best CRM application. Notifications for pending payables and receivable, upcoming meetings and appointments, and tasks that need to be completed within the timeline, this CRM tool makes sure that you’re always on top of your game. 

viii) This top CRM platform helps you in creating and managing tasks effortlessly. Allocation of the task is also made easy with this software. Along with creating and allocating, you can keep track of the progress of the individual and team task progress, and can also get monthly reports regarding the same. It sends reminders for the pending tasks.

2. Top CRM Software Reviews for Zoho CRM

Zoho is a good software solution for lead management for medium-sized companies and can support large companies too. Zoho improves the productivity of teams with designs that are precise solutions to business activities. It’s automation and customizable dashboard attracts and satisfies customers. It provides a mobile app for easy access and has a huge capacity for email marketing. 

3. Top CRM Software Reviews for Hubspot

It is easy to use CRM Tools which includes features such as live chat/bots, email tracking, and meeting schedule. The user interface is straightforward, with major functions presented across the top with dropdowns for each. You can sync your email with the CRM software.

It provides a platform where you can manage your deals and contact and can schedule meetings and appointments. 

4. Top CRM Software Reviews of SalesMate CRM

SalesMate helps you speed up your sales cycle and offers personalized services to the customer. It also helps you manage all the sales-related activities effectively and accordingly manage your contacts. This software is top-notch for sending out bulk emails. It will also generate automated sales reports for a quick review. With this software, every piece of information about your contact and deals is just a click away. 

5. Top CRM Software Reviews of Freshsales

Freshsales is newly launched for high-velocity sales. It is a highly automated service and saves time and resources. It helps in the centralization of leads and customer data. It is especially good for companies incorporating CRM systems for the first time or small scale companies. Its customer support is outstanding and it actively tracks the visitors on your websites. 

6. Top CRM Software Reviews of Salesforce

Salesforce offers a basic edition of the CRM for small businesses called Lightening Essentials and the usual version for large businesses. It helps users in contact management, and offers email integration and follow up reminders. It also includes a lot of options for integration and customization.

Final Note:

inji Software is an all in 1 CRM Platform which supports a small, medium, and large business and supports the growing needs of a growing business. It provides the best in class customer service at an amazing cost. Try the software now to experience its features that will always prove useful for your business.