Best Accounting Software System

Every business needs seamless accounting. Automating the accounting needs of your business through online accounting software is the specialty of inji SoftwareHappy Error Free Accounting to you!

Reduce errors and workload with easy accounting software.

Features of Simple Accounting Software

Customer Payment with Online Accounting Software

Receive the customer payment and register id directly in your bookkeeping software to keep a track of all the transactions with the customer. 

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Customer vs Vendor Payment in Accounting System

The auto generated graphs of customer vs vendor payment make it easy for you to understand the source of revenue vs the source of expenses. 

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Vendor Payments with Business Accounting Software

Never miss out on making the payment to the vendors on time with the help of best free accounting software of inji Software. 

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Cash Receipt to customers through mobile CRM app

Use top CRM tools to send auto generated cash receipts to your customers without any hassle. 

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CRM Reports of Income and Expenses

It’s easy to track your income and expenditure, with graphs and reports of the accounting tool. 

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Profit Management with Easy Accounting Software

Manage and track your profits with easy online accounting software on your fingertips.

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Expense Management Top CRM Tools

Managing and controlling the expenses is made easy with the accounting packages. Login in to your CRM Platform!

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Receivable/Payable CRM Reports

Track the receivables and payable, and analyze them with the auto generated CRM reports. Take well informed decisions.

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Simple Accounting Software

Despite having the top-notch features, this accounting software is very easy to operate and can be integrated in your business seamlessly.

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Best Accounting Software

Accounting is the basic need of every organization and it is a tough job too, which requires time and experience. Many firms adopt software to help them with this mammoth job. This causes them to shuffle between lots of software, thus causing havoc. Many firms outsource this job as well, incurring a heavy cost in return. 

For an ever-growing business, it is important to have a seamless accounting process. With the coming of age technology, it has become easier than ever to take care of your business’s accounts with the help of a software. But selecting software to meet your needs can be a difficult task. A software that fulfills this need can be a good one. But adopting a CRM Software that takes care of your accounting needs as well as the best go-to solution for all kinds of businesses. 

Best CRM Platform for Small Business Accounting Software

inji Software is the best CRM software in the market, which apart from being the top customer relationship management software, also provides you with many other services essential for your business, cloud-based accounting software being one of them. 

This CRM application manages and tracks the profit and expenses related to each and every deal in a very efficient way. This helps you keep track of the high and low-profit region of your business. Along with sending the invoices to the customers, the CRM tools help you send the cash receipts to the customers directly from the software, thus saving you time and increasing the efficiency. 

Easy Small Business Accounting Software Integration

Since the easy accounting software is already integrated with your CRM software, it makes sure that all your business processes are streamlined and seamless. Make the recurring payment to the customers automated with the online accounting software, helping you use your time in a more efficient manner. The vendor payments are also handled by this software. 

This 1 CRM makes sure that you do not have to switch to any other software. All your requirements are handled tactfully with this tool, where you also get detailed and auto-generated reports of all your payments, viz. Vendor payment, expenses related to deals, receivable vs payable reports, profit reports, etc, thus making sure that you take data-driven and well-informed decisions for your business. 

inji software, despite being a simple accounting software, also helps in sending reminders to the customers for pending and overdue payment, thus making your job easier than ever, and helping your business grow at a speed higher than ever. 

In Spite of having these top-notch features, this online accounting software allows you to take a free demo of the software so that you can experience it before you implement it in your business.