Client Management Software

inji Software facilitates managing your clients in a very efficient way, making it easy for you to access the information, and build and maintain great relationships with your clients, to help your business grow at an exponential rate.

Manage your clients on your fingertips with Mobile CRM Application.

Best CRM Features

Detailed Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM solutions help you analyse various reports of your business. Make informed decisions to maximize profit and reduce waste.

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CRM Email Integration

Integrate your email with your CRM Application to receive updates and reports directly. Send out bulk email, set email scheduler, reduce manual work.

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Cloud CRM Application

Use your Mobile CRM anytime, anywhere. The CRM database is all safe and secure on our server. No need IT, maintenance and storage devices. 

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Customize your Cloud CRM Platform

Customize your CRM Software as per the needs of your business and decide the features that you want for your organization. Features that suit every industry. 

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Reminders through Cloud CRM Tools

Reminders and notification through the CRM app for upcoming meetings, follow ups, payments to be received. Never miss out on anything important.

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Social CRM Implementations

Integrate your social media handle with your simple CRM App so that you can get the estimate about your target customer and generate your leads easily.

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Dashboard of CRM Software

Customize dashboards through your simple CRM Solutions, get graphical reports and streamline all your business processes. 

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CRM App Document Management 

Manage documents effortlessly and efficiently. Keep them arranged for easy accessibility in the best CRM database

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Easy to Use Benefits of CRM

This online CRM platform can easily be integrated into your business  Easy to learn and use by each and every employee.

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Want to take your Business to the NEXT BIG LEVEL?

Improve Customer Experience with the Best Customer Management Software

With technological advancement and digitalization, the customer of today is not only looking for the best product or the most lucrative price, but the customer is also looking for the best customer experience. 

In this article, we will see how CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can be improved upon by CRM SaaS

1. Constant Communication through Client Management Software

It is important to keep meaningful communication always on with the customer. These communications decide whether we will be able to retain the customer or we’ll lose them. The CRM platform comes into the picture here. You can communicate with your customers through emails regarding your upcoming services, products, keeping a track of the delivered product, etc. These communications are stored in the CRM database so that you can always look up the history and take the next step accordingly. 

2. Customers’ Reviews with Customer Management System

Customers’ opinions and reviews matter the most. Their say in the type of product or service received by them helps you. They share their opinion through social media, emails, and customer service portals. The CRM software needs to capture these reviews in order to make you aware of the areas that need improvement and the area that you excel in. This information helps you make well informed and data-driven decisions. 

3. Creating Unique Relationships with Client Management Software

Customer Relationship is at the core of the CRM Software. Customers can contact your company through a variety of channels, including email, phone, and website. They can also contact you through different departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer service. CRM software captures all of these conversations over time, regardless of the channel or department they occur in – giving you and your entire company access to the same information. That’s a lot of useful information. You can use this information to give the customer a unique experience. By personalizing these communications, you can improve the customers’ perception of your company. 

4. Customer Management System helps you offer your customers what they want

CRM Solutions stores all the information regarding your client. This includes their previous orders. This CRM database can be used to understand their needs and preferences, thus helping you provide them exactly what they are looking for. This helps you save both your and your client’s time, thus improving upon the service and also earns you brownie points for being attentive and considerate towards their needs. 

inji Software comes across as a CRM SaaS which not only offers you great features but also helps you in bringing about the best customer experience for your clients. Being the best CRM vendor, it also helps with the best in class customer service, which can be beaten by none.  

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