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Best CRM Features

Store Contacts in CRM Tool

Store unlimited contacts with inji software. You can store unlimited contact with information like phone no., email address, physical address etc. 

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Schedule Appointments

Sync your calendar with the CRM Software and schedule appointments with your contacts directly through the CRM tool

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Notifications in Mobile CRM

The smart CRM app sends notifications and reminders both to you and your contacts for meetings, bills, payments, delivery etc. 

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Customer Review Management

Receive and track customer feedback from various platforms directly in your cloud CRM to work on customer’s requirements. 

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Customer Contact History in CRM Application

Details of the communication with the customer are saved in the CRM database, so that you can easily review the history if required. 

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Lead Management Software

Get auto generated leads through your landing pages, social media platforms in your top CRM system. Get leads without any hassle. 

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Task Management 

Assign various tasks related to customer management to your employees and track the progress of each task on your CRM SaaS.

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CRM Marketing

This CRM functionality helps you send bulk email to your customers regarding your upcoming products, or for general marketing purposes. 

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Email Integration

Integrate your email and calendar with your CRM website so that the communication with your contacts is seamless.

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Benefit of CRM that makes it a great Contact Management Software

Many people believe that contact management and customer relationship management are the same things. But that is a misconception. They both have distinct characteristics that distinguish them. Contact Management is at the crux of a CRM Software and is a piece of CRM strategy. 

Contact Management is exactly the same thing as its name implies. A process of storing and managing contacts. Its main job is to provide easy access to information that is highly valuable. So how does contact management software work?

It is a software for storing and managing contact information like name, address, phone numbers, email address, conversation notes,  scheduled meetings, etc of leads, prospects, customers, vendors, suppliers, etc. 

The CRM database of these contacts can be stored and customized by the users. A particular contact can be searched from this vast amount of data through various parameters like name, contact number, email address, etc. Tracking these contacts and business related to them becomes easier and faster. Syncing your email and calendar with the contact management can also help you schedule your meetings with these contacts in a more efficient way. 

And how does this help your business? Read to find out. 

1. Customer Contact Management Software helps in building and growing better relationships. 

You store a large amount of data in your CRM tools. More the data, the more the information. More the information, more personalized services you can offer the customer. You get the bigger and better picture of the needs and requirements of the customer, and you can better serve them. With this data, you can better communicate with them. In short, you not only ensure a personalized service in a short amount of time but also ensure a great customer experience. 

2. Customer Contact Management Software gives you a better understanding of your customers. 

Your CRM platform stores a lot of data and personal information about the customer. Over a period of time, as you gather more data about your customer, you get a better understanding of them. You understand the pain points and also what they love. Various departments of your organization can use this information to provide a streamlined service to the customer. 

3. Better management of data with Customer Contact Management Software

Not only does the customer enjoy the benefit of CRM. As a business owner, this CRM system makes your life easy too. It helps you manage all your data more efficiently, that too without involving a lot of effort. There is no human error involved in entering and processing the data. The data is gathered from the customer through online forms and added directly to your CRM database. Since this data is stored in a central location, it is easily accessible to all those in your organization who are involved with the customer for the business. 

4. Automation in Customer Contact Management Software

The benefit of using 1 CRM for all your business processes including contact management is that automates your day to day activities. Scheduling appointments, reminders regarding the same, gathering, and storing data are some of the examples of automation through contact management software. Automation increases productivity decreases operational time and cost and increases sales revenue. 

5. Better Customer Experience from Customer Contact Management Software

As mentioned earlier, the CRM management of Contacts helps you in providing your customers with better products, services, with a lesser amount of time, and better customer experience. Customer satisfaction increases with this and there is a higher probability of retaining customers who are highly satisfied. 

inji Software manages to provide these benefits and much more with world-class features. This 1 CRM makes sure that you do not need to integrate another software in your business for various other departments like sales, marketing accounting, etc, thus making sure that your processes are streamlined. It offers a free demo of its features so that you experience the software before you integrate it into your business. Try the free demo now!!! 

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