Best Small Business Software

Small businesses are ever-growing business. To ensure a smooth business, firms opt for the best software for small business, i.e. inji Software, which can accommodate and can be adopted for all of your business requirements.

Small Business CRM Software helps you automate you day to day activities.

CRM Software Features

Small Business Accounting Software

Helps you with your ledgers, payable, receivables, balance and detailed reports. Manage your accounts effortlessly and efficiently.

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Invoicing Software for Small Business

Generate invoices, with over 100 templates, which can be customized, add company’s logo, incorporate tax, with all in 1 CRM. 

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Payroll Software for Small Business

Manage your Human Resources and their concerns with the CRM tools. Manage payroll, leaves, attendance and documents. 

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Leads Management Software

Get auto generated leads, allocate them and track the progress of the process of conversion of leads to customers. 

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Customized Dashboards 

Set your success metrics, display the metrics and employee performances on the dashboards that can be customized on crm software.

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Contact Management Software

Manage the contact details and other valuable information of customers, clients, vendors for easy accessibility when required. 

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Sales Forecasting

Forecast the future sales with the details analysis of past sales reports. Get auto generated CRM reports in a jiffy. 

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Analytical CRM Tools

Graphical CRM reports and ready to read analytics  help in analyzing various aspects of the business effortlessly. 

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Cloud CRM Solutions

A cloud CRM software to automate your day to day activities, without requiring installation or maintenance. 

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Why do we need the Best CRM for Small Business?

Growth is the most important element of a small business. And the contributor to the growth is the customer. Maintaining a great relationship with existing customers and creating new customers, thus, becomes the most important aspect of any business, especially the upcoming small businesses. This is where a CRM (Customer Relationship Software) comes into picture.

Customer Relationship Management Software and tools not only create and maintain great relationships with your customers but also help you with different aspects of your business like accounting management, lead management, HR management, and more. CRM Solutions manage contacts, track sales records, manage marketing campaigns, keep a record of payments, create analytical reports, and manage human resources. 

The needs of your business may be varied and they may change as your business grows. So, you should be looking for a CRM software that has you covered for today and will be able to accommodate your needs of tomorrow. 

There are many aspects of a small business that can easily be automated with the help of a CRM Platform. Some of them are mentioned below. 

CRM Marketing with Small Business CRM Software

Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. As it helps to put your brand and the company to the best light rather than just waiting and hoping that the customers would come and join. It simply pushes the customers in the right direction. A CRM  platform automates all this and sends out automated emails, flyers, or text messages. Also, it helps to add new leads from different trade shows, digital marketing campaigns, or other general activities. Thus, smoothing the whole process.

Small Business CRM Software Sales activities

When someone gives a response to the marketing campaign, then the sales team comes into the picture and they engage with the leads through email, phone calls, or texts. However, the reality dictates, the leads don’t convert in just the first contact, a follow-up is required for most of them. A successful sales rep will note down all of the interactions, relevant notes, and next steps for each lead, which is a lot of manual work for them. A CRM system would help here to automate scheduling, automate communication, store such information, and make it available during follow-up and much more.

Small Business CRM Software Service

Service focuses on dealing with the actual interactions with the customers like contact, direct mail, calls, websites, and blogs, etc. So, any unclear expectations or miscommunication would fall on the customer support team. To save them from hassle and loss of revenues, the best CRM system would automate most of the processes in service. It will collect and record each interaction with the customer in the database. And will make it available to all the employees, to make a clear picture of the needs and requirements of the customers and use this information later as required. It eliminates the need of obtaining the same information again and again and the customers can be easily contacted whenever required.

Small Business CRM Software Implementation

Apart from just being an automation tool, the benefit of CRM is endless. It aids you in organizing & centralizing all your databases, thus helping your employees. It also assists you in shoring up your relationship with your customers and at the same time, it helps in accelerating the growth of your business by providing you with valuable business insights.

inji software makes sure that all these needs of your small business are met, and that your business grows with each passing day. It provides the best customer support. Try the free demo of the best software solution that takes care of all the departments of your small business.