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Automate the process of creation of quotation with the top CRM SaaS, inji Software, which provides one of its kind software for quotation creation, that is easy to use and quick to adapt.

Automate your business process with the Online CRM Solutions.

Best CRM Features

Professional Quotations with CRM Tools

The best CRM helps you create professional quotation in the most efficient way, that too in a very small amount of time. Convert your leads into customers with these quotations. 

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PDF Quotations on CRM Platform

No hassle of sending quotations with this CRM system. These quotations can be downloaded as PDF and can be sent to customers through email without any hassle in this software.

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Quick Changes in the Quotations

No need to worry if a customer asks for changes in the quotation. It is the easiest thing to make changes to the existing quotation with the CRM tools. These changes are saved in the quotations history.  

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Supports Multiple Currencies

The crm system supports as many as 180 currencies. The quotations can be created in one currency and can be changed to another upon customer’s request.

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Reminder through Mobile CRM Application

The CRM App sends auto reminders to the customers to the customers to accept or reject the quotations. This helps in quickening the process of order management. 

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Customization on Online CRM Software

These quotations can be customized as per the layout of your choice and in coherence with your business. Your company’s logo and T&C can be added to the quotations. 

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Approval by Customer

Receive the approval or rejection of the quotation from the customer  directly on the CRM Application. Reminders can be sent to the customer directly from the app. 

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Quotation to Easy Invoicing

Convert the quotations to express invoice so as to avoid any time lag between quote approval and order implementation. These invoices, ofcourse, are as per your needs. 

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Quotation in CRM Database

The quotations created are saved in the crm system in each customers’ accounts. The revision history is also saved for your quick access and easy review. 

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Why is inji Software the Best Quoting Software?

inji Software is the best coming of age CRM software in the market, whose best in class features are curated in such a way that the CRM Solutions can be adapted for any business and any industry in the world. Its unique and seamless features make sure that through the customer relationship management system you reach the top heights of your business. 

Automate Quote System

Quotation is one such thing that helps you create and grow relationships with your customer. But creating manual quotations can be a bit tedious, Creating 100s of quotations in a day, with accurate details, for a ton of customers with appropriate items can be tiresome. After that, you need to send those quotations through the mail, which incurs some more cost. You also run the risk of losing them in the process of mailing. 

To address these issues, and to make your life easy when it comes to quotations, inji Software provides you with free quotations. 

Easy Quotation Software

The crm platform helps you create professional quotations in a jiffy. All you need to enter is the items required by the customer. You get to create unlimited quotations, and the CRM tools offer you customization, where you can customize the quotations as per the requirements of your business. Add the logo of your company and add the terms & conditions per your needs. The quotations can be signed by the customers electronically.   

Send Quotations directly through Quote System

These quotations can be downloaded as PDF and can be directly sent to the customers through email. In case you need the hard copy of the quotation, you can take it from the PDF. Of course, these can not be edited once converted to PDF. 

Converting the quotations to the invoices is a job that can be done in a jiffy with this CRM system. It can be done with a single mouse click. Not only does this software help you create the quotations, but it makes the whole task of order management easy for the entire company. As you can send the quotations, you can also send reminders to the customers to approve or reject these quotations, in order to make the task quick and hassle-free. If the quotation is rejected by the customer, then you can make amendments to the same quotation. These revisions are saved in the CRM database so that you can revisit these quotes whenever you want to. Also, it becomes easy for you to check the customer’s previous quotations to make the new one quickly as per the needs of the customers. These quotations support multiple currencies (about 180 currencies). All you need to do is change the currency and the amount changes on its own so that you don’t have to fret over changing the amount invoiced.

This is the simplest of all the CRM solutions available in the market. Apart from this, you get amazing customer support which can be matched by none. Take a free demo of the best CRM Software to experience it on your fingertips.