Best CRM Software

All the businesses across the world need a CRM system for a smooth functioning of the business, seamless processes and streamlining the operations in order to increase the sales revenue and decrease the operational cost.

Explore new heights in your business with the top CRM Platform. 

Best CRM Features

Cloud CRM Platform

Log Into your software without the installation and you are good to go. All the data is saved on AWS. Access data anytime, anywhere with mobile CRM.

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Leads Management Software

Integrate your website with the best CRM solution and generate leads directly from your website. Customize the leads inquiry as per the requirement.

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Best Invoice App

Create professional invoices with 100+ templates, customization can be done as per your business requirement. 

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Client Management Systems

Create customers’ profiles, save contact numbers, email address, orders, invoices, quotations and other important details with contact management software.

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Task Management with Top CRM

Create and assign tasks to the team members, track the progress status of the tasks, and get the detailed reports of the same. 

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Notifications on Mobile CRM

The CRM app sends notifications for payments, receivable, appointments, meeting, deals and more, so that you are always on time for everything important. 

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Salesforce Automations

Automate lead generation and sales process, and see a reduction in your operational cost and increase in the sales revenue.  

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HR Management

Manage the most important aspect of your business, you employees. Manage payroll, leaves, attendance, documents in the crm tool.

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Analytical CRM Reports

Get graphical representations of your CRM reports to easily understand the rate of conversion of leads and the areas of improvement. 

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What is CRM Software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software, as implied by its name, is a software to organize and manage the customer interaction and transaction to provide the customers with the best experience. CRM Software is integrated into business to manage a seamless flow of information and operation. It is important for all kinds of business, small, medium or big, startup or established one, or online or brick and mortar.

CRM Platform does not only limit to establishing and maintaining relationships with customers. It helps automate various aspects of the business. CRM Solution consolidates the information and data of the customer from every department of the business to give you a bigger picture and thus helping you make informed and better decisions with respect to the customer and business processes. 

So what role does it play in an organization? And how can you use it to grow your business? Read along to find out…

1. Track Profitability with Best CRM System

This online accounting software of CRM platform manages and tracks the profit and expenses related to the deals in an efficient manner. It helps you keep track of the profit and loss regions of your business. Along with sending the express invoices to the customers, the crm tools help you send the cash receipts to the customers directly from the software, thus saving you time and increasing the efficiency.

2. The Best CRM Tool helps you organize.

Organize your daily tasks and manage your day to day activity with the below CRM features. These make sure that all your processes are streamlined, which helps you increase your sales revenue. 

  • tasks management system, 
  • appointment management system, 
  • HR management system,
  • Calendar Integration

The CRM Software Solution will integrate all these activities in more manageable and maintainable ways.

3.  Reporting and Analytics through Top CRM Software Reports

Get auto-generated analytical CRM reports, import them to spreadsheets, get auto-generated analysis of your past data and sales, or do the analysis on the CRM reports. You can also create customized dashboards. These CRM features help you make data-driven and well-informed decisions.

4. Never lose your data with Best CRM System

Cloud CRM Solutions have the best advantage of keeping the entire CRM database completely secure with the best cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services. The Cloud CRM doesn’t need to be installed on your workstation as well. All you need to do is log in to your software and you are good to go. With mobile crm applications, you can access your data anytime, anywhere. 

5. Top CRM Software Solution helps you keep a track of EVERYTHING!

The sales in units, sales in revenue, profit, no. of customers gained and lost, employee attendance and salary,  bills, invoice, and quotations, your CRM tools will help you keep track of everything.


inji Software incorporates all these CRM features and more. It is a top-notch software created by industry experts. Its vast features cater to the needs of every industry and every business, and it can be adapted and integrated easily into the business. It also provides the best customer service in the market. Before you buy the product, try the free demo to experience the world-class features.