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There are many CRMs available in the market. And in all variety. Shortlisting a CRM for your business can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Customer Experience and Relationship helps you grow in business. We went through a lot of software and selected the 5 that are easiest to use and most affordable ones in the market. 

1. inji Software

inji Software is one of the best and easily adaptable CRM solutions available in the market. The software provides the best CRM features and has the best customer service, therefore not only helping you develop the best relationship with your customers, but also giving you the best experience as a client. The series of the features incorporated in the software are mentioned below, which will help you understand the software better. 

It provides free accounting software to take care of your accounting needs. Your receivable and payables are well taken care by this software, which even sends you notification in case of pending transactions. It also helps you with the reports of your expenses and revenues, and managing the accounts of your business is made easy with the best accounting software.

The best CRM tool helps you manage your employees. It helps you manage the human resources in the most efficient way. You can control the recruitment and salary, attendance and leave management, and document generation in the most efficient way with the CRM system.

inji Software proves to be the best invoice software for your invoice creating needs. It helps you create the best invoices just in a few clicks. It offers 100+ templates to choose from as per the needs of your business. It also allows the customization of the invoice to suit the requirements of your business. 

Product/ Service Delivery Management is also one of the features of inji Software that makes it better from the rest. It helps you to schedule delivery and also sends you notification for overdue and pending delivery. It also generates graphical CRM reports of all the deliveries for your review. 

Generating quotations is also made easy by inji Software. It helps you create professional quotations. These quotations can either be sent to the client directly through email, or can be downloaded as PDF for a print. These quotations can directly be turned into invoices in a jiffy. The quotations can be created in multiple currencies. 

This CRM helps you automate the workflow when it comes to your leads. The leads, when progressed from one stage to next are automatically assigned to the concerned person without any manual supervision. Way to go in terms of salesforce automations

Nothing better than CRM reports to show you the statistics related to your business. With inji software you can get auto generated rep[ort on your finger tips as and when you need them.

Customer reviews matter the most for a business, they help you improve the business and grow. But how do you make sure you have the track of all the customer reviews. You can automatically collect all the reviews and analyze them through a single dashboard. You also get Google and Facebook reviews.

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is a newly launched for high velocity sales. It is a highly automated service and saves time and resources. It helps in centralization of leads and customer data. It is specially good for companies incorporating CRMs for the first time or small scale companies. Its customer support is outstanding and  it actively tracks the visitors on your websites. 

3. HubSpot CRM

It focuses on centralizing data. This means that all information about your customers and all interactions with them are logged in a single highly-visible location. All such interactions can also happen in real-time.This system’s complete automation makes it a great resource for smaller businesses that are less familiar with CRM software.  You can make in-app calls, which are aut-recorded. It is easy and fun to use. 

4. PipeDrive

Pipedrive is a CRM focussed on Sales. It allows you to develop custom features for free. It also lets you sync your CRM with all the google apps. It offers a mobile app, which is its major USP, and offers multilingual and multi-currency options. With its customization it makes it easy for the users to adapt the software as per the needs of their business. Task management is the easiest with this CRM. 

5. Nimble 

Nimble is a CRM that is expert in Contact Management. It integrates with your email, social media connections, calendar appointments, and unifies them all. It is also a superb tool to stay organized and plays a great role in task management. 

Final Note:

inji Software is the easiest software to implement in your business, and is applicable to all the industries. Also, it is available at the most competitive price in the market, i.e $49 for 3 users. 

Not only is it easy to use, it also lets you have a free demo so that you can experience the software before you implement it. 

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