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  • CRM Leads Management Software
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  • Business Automation
  • Invoice App
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  • Cloud CRM Solutions
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CRM Leads Management Software

Increase your lead conversion by organizing all you leads and keeping a track of them with the help of online CRM Leads Management.

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Online Best CRM Invoice Application

Exclusively designed invoices with different templates to choose from. Personalize your invoice best suited to your organization.

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Manage Orders with Top CRM Tools

Keep a track of your orders right from placing, processing and delivery of the order.

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Contact Management Software

Manage all types of contacts such as Customers, Suppliers, Vendors, Clients etc. associated with the necessary details, right on your finger tips.

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Customer Relationship Management System

No more hassle with currency of different countries. This CRM Software lets you support multiple currencies.

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Free CRM Marketing

This Cloud CRM Software helps manage your operating expenses, analyse them, and helps you reduce the expenses.

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Payment Management with CRM Software

Don’t miss out on payments to be made or received with payment due date alerts and notifications in the best CRM Software.

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Cloud Based Accounting Software

This top CRM software is a simple and powerful system which helps you track the profit related to each deal, and by each sales person.

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Notifications in Top CRM Application

Don’t lose track of things. Receive email alerts for payments, follow ups, balance, meetings and appointments in the simple crm application.

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Salesforce Automations

Automate your sales process with the best CRM platform, reduce your operational cost and increase the sales revenue just with a few clicks.

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Generate Free CRM Reports

Get auto generated reports of the performance, payables vs receivable, expenses ad revenues, profits of the quarters etc in the CRM System.

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Simple CRM Tools

The best CRM solutions in the market which is easy to learn. The free demo of the software makes sure that you experience the software before you buy it.

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Best CRM Software is Built with 10 “NO”s

Which will help your business to new heights !!

  • NO Installation required
  • NO Setup Required
  • NO Risk
  • NO Manual Work
  • NO manual Follow-up
  • NO BIG Investment
  • NO Long term commitment
  • NO Waiting time.
  • NO additional Software
  • NO Server /Hardware Investment











Best CRM Solutions For Your Business

inji Software proves to be the best CRM software with it’s top notch features that are difficult to find in a single CRM. This software caters to all industry types and can be customized as per the needs of the business. 1 CRM that streamlines all your day to day activities and provides a seamless result.

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Express Invoice Software

Get express invoice with the best invoice software, with 100+ invoice templates, which can be customized as per the needs of your business. You can add the logo of your company. The invoice software also takes into account the taxes while creating the invoice.

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Send Professional Quotation through Mobile CRM Tool

Send professional quotation to the customers in a jiffy. This top CRM program helps you create quotations in just a few clicks. The history of the quotations sent to the customer can also be found in this CRM so that you can understand the preferences of your existing customers and create the quotes accordingly.

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Delivery Management through Simple CRM System

This CRM does not only help you in managing your orders, but will also help you in tracking and scheduling the delivery. Receive delivery notifications ans alerts in the CRM software. You can search the status of the delivery and can even get the notification for overdue delivery. Stay on top of your business with simple CRM tools.

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Cloud Based Accounting Software

Easy accounting software that takes care of all your accounting needs. No need to integrate any other software in your business. Your top CRM SaaS makes sure that your accounting needs are taken care of. From keeping a track of customer and vendor payments to making a report for receivables vs payables, 1 CRM is the answer for all your requirements.

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Task Management with Simple CRM Platform

1 CRM Program for all your management needs. Manage all your tasks with the best CRM Platform. Create project and service, and assign them to the employees. Get auto generated task report showing the progress of the task. Assign team task management. Creating a task is also easy with this simple CRM app. Get reminders of the pending tasks.

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HR Management with Online CRM Application

This top CRM application helps you to manage the backbone of your business, your employees along with the day to day activities of your business. With the HR management software of this CRM, you can track the leaves and attendance of the employees, recruitment., salary and salary slip, time in and time out. You can also check the historic data of the employees and save the related documents in his account.

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Review System with Best CRM Implementations

Generate CRM Reports and review various aspects of your business with Online CRM Tools. This cloud crm software helps you to Customize Review Questions, get the deailed review report of Google and Facebook,  Automate Review Collection and Review Flow Management.

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FAQ for the Best CRM Software

What is the benefit of Best CRM Software?

CRM helps to automate the day to day activities of your business, thus decreasing your operational cost and increasing the sales revenue. It also helps you manage other related activities of your business such as HR management, accounting management, generation of reports, and automated review system.

How does cloud accounting Best CRM Software help me?

Business accounting software reduces the efforts of the employees and increases productivity gradually. Accounting software that is fully integrated with other departments can reduce operational costs significantly as it can automatically generate and send invoices to customers and recognize payments. Business growth involves creating more invoices, which means increased manual work and cost.  The benefit of CRM is that it automates this process. It provides comprehensive and detailed financial reports, consolidated data, and automated record keeping.

What is the best CRM Software for my business?

The best crm software for your business is the one that can easily be integrated with your business processes without any glitch. It should be easy to operate and easy to be adapted by your employees.

How long does it take for Best CRM Software implementations?

For an on-premise CRM, it might take somewhere around 10-12 months for implementation and integration with your business.  However, with cloud CRM, all you need to do is just buy the CRM and login with your credentials, and you are good to go.

Why should Best CRM Software contain online invoicing?

Manual invoicing implies a lot of man-hours wasted in a job that can be done automatically. Online invoicing can reduce the time taken in doing a repetitive job and also increase productivity. If your CRM contains online invoice software then it means that all your processes are seamless and streamlined. The online invoicing feature of inji Software does all this and more.


The software is very easy to use and we are very much organised way after using this software. Wonderful stuff.

Dennis KuoGM holidays, China

I must thank TravelCRM for making our day-to-day job much easier in a fantastic way. It helped us to increase our sales by 30% per month.

CharlesAltas Holidays, India

The lead management system is very powerful and it serves to our requirement 100%. We follow-up our customers on-time.

Achim Fr GoldmannMohak Holiday, Germany

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Articles for the Best CRM Software

What makes the best CRM Software for your business needs?

CRM Solutions are the need of the hour for all the businesses. The CRM software helps to streamline the process and turns it into a seamless one, thus increasing your productivity, reducing the operational cost, and increasing the sales revenue.

With the growth of the business, the activities involved in your business increases and so does the number of employees. You need great software that supports all the needs of your business today and adapts to your business requirements as your business grows.

There are many CRM solutions available in the market. These solutions cost a lot and once you invest your time and money in a CRM, it becomes difficult to switch to another. So it becomes important that when you decide that CRM implementations are inevitable in your business, you do good research before shortlisting the one that you want.

Any kind of business, big or small, start-up or an established one, they all need these basic features incorporated in their CRM.

1. Cloud Top CRM Software

There are two types of CRM software available in the market. The on-premise CRM and Cloud CRM. The on-premise CRM needs to be installed on your workstation and the work station of every employee that plans to use it. On the other hand, cloud CRM software does not need to be installed. Instead, you can simply buy the product, login and you are good to go. You don’t need to worry about the installation or storage of the data. Your data is safe and secure on the vendor’s server.

2. Free Invoice Software in CRM Tools

Let’s be honest. Manual invoicing is a waste of time, effort, and money. Go for a CRM that provides you free online invoicing software. Invoices are created in a jiffy with this software. You can send the invoices directly through the email or can download them as PDF. The invoice lets you add your own logo to the invoice and also incorporates taxes.

3. Online Accounting in Top CRM Software

The CRM software that you employ should be an all-round software that should be able to help you with your daily accounting needs so that you don’t have to shuffle between a number of software to get your things done. Free accounting software provided by the CRM helps in a lot of ways, like managing various payments and their reports, like customer and vendor payment, it also helps you manage your expenses and track your profits.

4. Online CRM Software Marketing via Email

An ideal CRM platform makes sure that all your manual work is automated. It helps send bulk email to your prospect customers and makes marketing the easiest job for you.

5. HR Management with CRM Tools

The best CRM software helps you manage the most important aspect of your business, your employees. It helps you manage the human resources in the most efficient way. Everything including the recruitment and salary, attendance and leave management, and document generation is all managed with the smart CRM system.

6. Online CRM Tools Appointments

Schedule appointments and meetings, and get timely reminders and notifications regarding the same, so that you never miss out on any important event. A top CRM application makes sure you are on top of your business.

7. Delivery Management through CRM Tools

The best CRM software helps you track and manage the delivery of each and every order. You can schedule delivery and get delivery alerts. You can also get the delivery reports and the graphical reports of the same. You can also search the pending delivery and the overdue delivery status in a few clicks.

8. Customer Review Management in Top CRM Software

Customer reviews matter the most for a business, they help you improve the business and grow. But how do you make sure you have the track of all the customer reviews. You can automatically collect all the reviews and analyze them through a single dashboard. You also get Google and Facebook reviews.

All these above features of the best CRM software are available in the inji Software, which not only offers you the best in class features available in the market but also provides the best customer service so that you never face any problem in operating the software.

Best CRM Software Implementations for increasing sales.

Today’s customer is growing smart and they only want the best.  CRM helps you to stay on top of business and fulfill all their needs and to increase sales of your business. CRM implementations make sure that the sales revenue keeps increasing by day and the operational cost keeps decreasing. The smart CRM tools help your business to grow in the following ways:

1. Top CRM Software is also a leads management software

In the sales cycle Generating leads play a vital role. Analyzing and following leads is made easy with Sales CRM software which helps you in converting leads into a potential business opportunity. Links can be added to your social media pages and you can follow up on the captured leads

2. Contact Management System in CRM Tools

Contact management system is a feature of the best CRM software that stores all the contact information of customers, vendors, suppliers properly. All the information regarding your contacts can be accessed with a few clicks.

3. CRM Software Marketing & Salesforce Automations

Sales consist of several time-consuming processes like scheduling appointments, follow up reminders, and making payments on time and many more tasks. CRM software automates these processes which lower the chances of delays and helps you cut down your manual work by up to 70 – 80% giving you enough time to focus on other aspects of the business.

4. Manage Customer Feedback with CRM Tools

Feedback of the customers is automatically registered with the customer relationship management system. This feedbacks help you identify your area for improvement. They also help you identify the areas where you excel so that these can be leveraged building a brand and subsequently increasing sales.

Why inji Software as Top CRM Software?

inji Software is proven to be the best sales CRM software in the market. It is a 100% Cloud CRM, which requires no application installation, or setup cost with no long term commitments. What more could you have asked for?

What makes inji Software the Best CRM Software?

Running a business can be chaotic and time-consuming. There are many activities involved in running a business that takes up a huge amount of your time and money. To run a successful business, you need to use both time and money optimally. Also, customers’ satisfaction and providing seamless services also takes the top priority when running a business.

As a business owner, you need to look after many departments.  However, one of the most important ones is accounting and billing. Generating manual invoices is a time-consuming task that can take up a lot of man-hours, which can be better utilized in critical tasks.

This can easily be taken care of by employing the best free invoice app of inji Software

Read along to find out how adopting the online invoicing solution can benefit your business.

Save Time and Money with Top CRM Software

Generating paper bills individually for all the transactions takes up a lot of time, and of course paper. It’s time to become eco-friendly while improving your cash flow!!!

Save all the hassle of generating paper-based bills, getting them printed, sending them to the customer through the mail, and incurring  the cost of mailing while facing the risk of the mail getting lost and never being delivered to the customer

Technology is here to help and make your life easier.

Generate automated online invoices, and send them through the email, all in a few seconds.

You can choose from around 100+ templates available to choose from. You can customize these templates by adding your company logo and more. You can also store these invoices in the customers’ accounts, and look for them in seconds whenever you need them.

Cloud Invoicing is the best Top CRM Software Feature

Online Invoicing proves to be a boon because through the cloud services it is available anytime and anywhere. Whether you are traveling to a meeting or waiting for an appointment, you can generate the invoice on the go.

Moreover, you can access these bills whenever you want. Just log into your invoice program and they are on your fingertips.

 Track reports with CRM Tools

 The best invoice software will also help you with the business report, which will help you make informed decisions. Get a detailed analysis of all your ledger accounts, business details, and check your profits and another business status with this invoicing software.

Customer Friendly CRM Software Marketing

Need a reminder to be sent to the customer for payment? Want to check if the order is delivered? The customer wants to pay online or through cheques? Well, you don’t need to fret over these little things.

You can mark the invoices of the customers who want to pay through cheque, you can send reminders to the customers who need to pay and much more. A single solution for all your requirements!

All the clutter of the invoices in the file of the customer is a thing of the past. This software helps you consolidate all the bills of the customer corresponding to his account.

This Invoice Solution will help you with it and much more.